Birthday in a bag

From now to February 11 we will be joining with the Windsor Anglican churches to serve our community by providing the items needed for a child’s birthday party.. We will be collecting boxed cake mixes, icing, candles, balloons, cake pans (reusable or disposable), bags for packaging and other party supplies and decorations anything needed for a child’s birthday party. The items will be distributed to local food banks to be given to children in need. We will have a collection box in our chapel for the items collected. Let’s join this effort to make sure every child has a great birthday.

2018-01-31-Council of Elders Weekly Call to Worship

Blessed be, God dwelling at the highest heavens, just as you dwell in our lives, our smiles and tears, blessed be as you dwell in our pain and the delight of Beingness. Blessed be God, in Whom we move and exist.

Teach us to perceive your presence and praise you. Teach us that this brief, short existence does not require us to be small. Help us contemplate life as the unfathomable mystery that is. In boredom and pain, no less than in emotion and in joy – the joy of touching, tasting, smelling, feeling the sacred simplicity, because we are unique, precious and with a life and grace of our own at those times.

Blessed God, dwell delightfully within us.

So be it.

prayer submitted by

Development Coordinator of MCC in Brazil