Weekly Call to Prayer (July 23, 2019)


Sweet Divinity, always present in history, we come into your Presence praying for your assistance.  

Breath… breath as in the beginning of times among us, Holy Ruah, bringing new vitality, renewing the joy to serve, please cheer up the leadership and communities to continue ahead.  

We have a lot to thank but there is still a lot to do.  

Times of definitions and new horizons are yet to come.  

Give us a vision enlightened by You, so we can find paths to reach our brothers and sisters where they are, even though changes may be scary and our world struggles through thousands of conflicts —financial, warfare, racism, segregation and more…  

So that fear will not defeat us, and we shall not shut down our lives to others, and we may see in our neighbor a richness and a joy that contributes to me, not that subtracts.  

So that in this new encounter may we say with a wholesome faith, “Holy Spirit and us!” (Acts 15:28) and not with the arrogance of those trusting more in their lobbies than in divine action. May the Holy Ruah grant us the gift of meeting our neighbor as he, she is, with her, his own language, culture, pains, joys, flavors, music…  

Holy Divinity, we believe in you, we hope in you, and most of all, we love you… this is the only acknowledgment possible for today, amidst a divided, troubled world… we love you, we love… that is enough, when said and sustained coherently within our lives.  

Until that wonderful moment of a final meeting, Dear Divinity, we shall be loving.

Prayer submitted by Rev. Gregorio Tobar Guzman
Clergy at MCC Buenos Aires – C.A.B.A.
Philosophy and Theology Teacher, trained in Human Rights.

Weekly Call to Prayer (July 16, 2019)


Isaiah 55:8-9 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)  

8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
nor are your ways my ways, says the LORD.
9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts.  

God, we live at a time where so much is happening. There are so many opinions about where politics should go, and where our hearts and minds should be focused. And we can see that so many good things have happened that have set people free in recent history, yet so much has happened where the momentum seems to be in warp speed reverse. It can be so hard to see beyond our own lenses. It is easy to get stuck in our own way. Creator God, help us see the big picture more clearly. It is not so easy for us to see all that You see, and to think in Your ways, and understand all the things that happen around us. Give us Your vision and Your ways of peace and justice, so that we can move forward with a better way of being. Help us to mend the broken fences. Help us to love the way You love. Help us to show the compassion that You have for all of us. Help us to be a bridge so that all people can see You through us.  

Jesus, You tell us that what we do to the least of these we do to You. Sometimes we think the least are only the poor and overlooked. But who is poor and overlooked can differ in each of our minds. Help each one of us to look inside ourselves and consider whom we are most tempted to devalue. Who is it that we overlook or despise? Help us to pray for them and to want Your best for them.  

For MCC, we want these same things. Help us to have Your thoughts, Your vision, and Your compassion. As we move forward, help us to see the future in ways that will help each one of us to see each other, and move forward with momentum together. Help us heal, as we look to bring Your healing presence to the world. Help us be Your community, as we seek to bring Your community into being in the world. Help us to be our best, so that we are closer to being Your best. We want to be a prophetic voice. Give us what we need to be that voice. Help us to love more like You so our caring and sharing with each other and the world exudes You. In Jesus name, and all Your other holy names we pray, Amen.

Prayer submitted by Rev. David Zier
Associate Pastor
LifeJourney MCC
Indianpolis, Indiana, USA
Central US Eastern Network (CUSEN) Network Leader since 2013

Weekly Call to Prayer (July 9, 2019)



Today we pray for all the pastors and leaders of Metropolitan Community Churches, especially those newly elected at General Conference.  

May they follow Jesus’ example of humble service. Help them to work together to see clearly the mission to which you have called MCC. Let them be examples of love in action as they maintain the life and harmony of our movement. Grant them a Spirit of bold trust, wisdom, patience, and insight.  

Help us all to be thankful recipients of your many blessings, responding generously in all we do.  

And, finally, remind us that we are accountable to you in all things great and small.  

In all your names that we know, and all those we are yet to learn. Amen.

Prayer submitted by Rev. Ruth Jensen-Forbell
Retired Clergy
MCC Emerging Ministry Team