Weekly Call to Prayer (Aug 13, 2019)


Most gracious comforter,

We pray to you this day to remind us that you have called us individually and as a people as your children. That collectively we make up the body of the living church and no one is above the other, but we are equal.

Open our hearts, our minds and our spirits to all you would have us do and remind us that when Jesus said, “do this in remembrance of me,” it was an invitation to live all ways like Him. That we should love all, as Jesus did. Remind us, that with every chance meeting, we have the opportunity to leave an impression that could be life changing.

In these troubled times, guide us to be the agents of change you wish us to be, to lift each other up. May we open our ears to hear each other, open our eyes that we may see the beauty of each of our sibling’s souls and may our tongues only tell truth – Your truth.

In your many holy names,Amen

Prayer submitted by Bob Niehaus
Bob has recently been approved for ordination. His home church is aChruch4me MCC in Rogers Park, IL, USA